Job Description

The pre-arrival concierge, as a member of the Concierge Team, is responsible for all aspects of trip planning for Timbers Kauai owners and guests.



Essential duties and responsibilities may include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Be yourself and care genuinely about each interaction you have. Nothing is more important than the moment you are in with each owner/guest.
  • The Pre-Arrival Concierge will always use owners/members/guests’ names when meeting, answering questions, making deliveries, greeting or assisting owners/members/guests in anyway.
  • Answer telephones politely with absolutely attitude. Understand the telephone system and be able to transfer calls/deal with situations as they arise.
  • Be available to cover all duties of Pre-arrival concierge including checking emails, checking voice mails, building itineraries, and following up to complete all guests’ requests.
  • Attention to details, filing emails correctly and flagging any important information will assist with keeping owner requests organized and completed in a timely manner.
  • Know how to use and understand all functions in SMS, Alice, Microsoft Outlook, and the internet.
  • Understand the differences in WO, TRP, VIP, GVP, RC, Rental stays and the billing for each.
  • Send pre-arrivals emails based on the sending schedule. Create new email templates for each season.
  • Follow up for transportation details, guests list, activity and dining requests, housekeeping and babysitting requests with each owner or guest 4 weeks prior to arrival date. (continue calling up until day of arrival if no response)
  • Have current knowledge and be comfortable discussing all restaurants, activities and events in and around Kauai. Make reservations for activities/transportation/dining requests/or owner, member and guest needs.
  • Create and enhance local vendor relationships.
  • Follow up with each owner and guest to confirm completed requests or reservations both via phone and with itinerary email.
  • Create activity and dining itinerary for each guest using Alice.
  • Have knowledge of all other Timbers Properties, the Reciprocity Program, and the Timbers Collection.
  • Know and understand the local flight services options and redirected flight options and transportation possibilities.
  • Be able to record and log information timely and accurately.
  • Complete daily and weekly checks of any missing owner or guest transportation needs, reach out to each owner and guest and accurately relay flight details in Alice or to the transportation team.
  • Create concierge activity book, update Alice with activities and events both locally and regionally.
  • Consistently activity guides and calendars.
  • Format the weekly Daily News with property and area events, activities, and information. Review calendar for correct information.
  • Stay up to date on events on island and plan events to offer to our guests seasonally.
  • Provide manager with weekly department reports and reservation reports as requested.
  • Be familiar with front desk operations and fill in when coverage is necessary.
  • Be able to communicate effectively with each department.
  • Be detail oriented and follow through or complete each task set or started.
  • Be available to step in to help other departments (front desk, transportation, housekeeping) as/when needed.




  • Ability to stand/sit for period of times at the computer/phone.
  • Possible heavy lifting (up to 75lbs), bending.
  • Ability to stand for durations of time.




  • In all situations demonstrate Character, Courtesy, Calm and Charm.
  • Ability to learn all varieties of information pertaining to the resort, the area, the activities and to make smart recommendations.
  • Good personal hygiene and appearance/a uniform will be provided.