Job Description

We are recruiting for the unique position of Housekeeping Supervisor for our beautiful private residential club located at the base of the Steamboat Springs ski area. This position offers medical, dental, vision benefits as well as PTO, 401k and a exceptional work environment with leadership growth potential as well as two months off a year to enjoy Steamboat Springs, Colorado!

Below are a few of the responsibilities for the position - reach out to us if you have additional questions and to schedule a tour

The following Principal Duties are the essential functions for our Housekeeping Supervisor position. Successful job applicants will be able to perform these essential functions with or without a requested reasonable accommodation

  • Responsibilities involve cleaning resident’s units and include replacing soiled linen and towels; restock room supplies such as soap, tissues, and towels; disinfect bathroom surfaces; dust and polish furniture; remove all trash; vacuum the carpet; and wash any uncarpeted floors.
  • Supervisory tasks include overseeing housekeeping teams, inspecting completed work, correcting deviations from policy or procedure, and upholding cleanliness standards through training and corrective action.
  • Perform opening and closing procedures for the Housekeeping department.
  • Maintain consistent and effective flow of communication between shifts among fellow team members.
  • Utilize Housekeeping email to communicate any and all pertinent information regarding operations and personnel.
  • Monitor operations in order to ensure that staff are in compliance with OSP safety rules, standards and procedures.
  • Meet with owners during their stay to address housekeeping comments or concerns.
  • Operates various mechanized cleaning equipment, such as vacuums, polishers, buffers, etc.
  • Requires working in dusty and dirty areas. Must clean up human waste and other body fluids, as required.
  • Responsible for disposal of trash, waste, and other disposable materials.
  • Must handle various cleaning solvents, chemicals, etc. Must comply with all regulations such as OSHA, SDS, State Health Department, etc.
  • Will assist in cleanliness and safety of lobby and entryway; members gathering area, wine room, vacuum carpets, clean windows, shovel snow, remove trash, mop floors, dust, etc.
  • Will assist in cleanliness of public facilities such as rest rooms, game rooms, pool area, entrances, etc. Stock with supplies as needed.
  • Report any needed repairs immediately to facilities (such as leaky faucets or toilets, loose tile, broken window panes, missing nuts or screws, beds needing repair, etc.).
  • Follow instructions on use of germicidal solutions to clean. All procedures for solution use will be part of the housekeeper's training.
  • Use safety precautions in all housekeeping services.
  • Assist with other duties as requested or assigned.


 In all situations demonstrate Character, Courtesy, Calm and Charm.

  • Heavy lifting, bending. Must be able to lift and/or carry 50 to 75 pounds
  • Ability to learn a variety of information pertaining to the resort and the area.
  • Must be able to maintain a fast-efficient pace.
  • Must be able to work until all daily duties are complete, even if this means working more than 8 hours in one shift.
  • Good personal hygiene and appearance.

 The best candidate will strive with their ability to deal with owners/guests in a courteous and efficient manner, always maintaining a constant, positive attitude and be able to create and endeavor to meet personal, department, and property goals