Job Description


Responsible for greeting and welcoming all owners/guests and visitors to the resort and assisting owners and guest with luggage, shuttle, and other needs.

  • Be yourself and care genuinely about each interaction you have. Nothing is more important than the moment you are in with each owner/guest.
  • Club Services Attendant will always use owners/guests names when meeting, answering questions, making deliveries, greeting and assisting owners/guests in anyway.
  • Drive guest shuttle when requested, whether in town, or airport pickup/drop off service.
  • Provide car valet service to members, owners, Truffle Pig Restaurant guests.
  • Assist with delivery of luggage/skis and or bikes, on guest/owner check in and check out.
  • Building and residence tours for guests/owners unfamiliar with One Steamboat Place.
  • Acceptable phone and radio etiquette.
  • Store and secure guest and owner long term storage bins/bikes/cars/golf clubs/ items. Deliver to proper residences on arrival or when called for. Proper removal and storage of owner bins/bikes/cars/ golf clubs/ items upon check out.
  • Manage and log all incoming shipping and receiving of packages and delivery of those items.
  • Maintain cleanliness and safety of lobby and entryway; clean windows, remove trash, mop floors, dust, etc.
  • Assist with and/or perform some basic maintenance tasks within the building.
  • Assist in delivering messages, newspapers, departure notices, and requested items to guests and owners.
  • Assist housekeeping staff as needed, deliver and pick up laundry, deliver towels, soap or other items to rooms.
  • Responsible for cleanliness of the interior and exterior of OSP transportation fleet.
  • Monitor cleanliness of common areas such as tyke’s room, game room, CSA office, main entrance, exterior plaza level, garages, and front driveway. Help clean as needed.
  • Open to assist with additional tasks/requests that guests/owners/managers may request.


  • Exposure to inclement weather conditions.
  • Heavy lifting, bending.
  • Ability to stand for long durations of time.


  • In all situations demonstrate character, courtesy, calm and charm.
  • Ability to lift luggage of various sizes with a maximum of 75 lbs.
  • Ability to learn and recommend a variety of information pertaining to the resort and the area.
  • Good personal hygiene and a clean, kept appearance.
  • Critical, sound, decision making abilities.
  • Must have current, valid, driver's license. With an acceptable driving record

The best candidate will strive with their ability to deal with owners/guests in a courteous and efficient manner, always maintaining a constant, positive attitude and be able to create and endeavor to meet personal, department, and property goals.